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Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and User Interface Projects

Full Stack Project

What is the Full Stack Project

Brief Description

All aspects of a website project.  From a Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP setup and configuration to the the user interface.  With special attention to the development of customized PHP applications with JQuery.

Extended Description

Our development began in the 80’s for personal and local use within a quality control office within the United States Air Force. Original development was done with Lotus 1-2-3 and dBase.  In the 90’s it moved exclusively to dBase, Clipper and CGI.  In the later 90’s development moved to MySQL and PHP.  Today all development is done with LInux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and JQuery.  

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Foundation of our Projects

Installation, integration and development is done on systems I have setup or with third party servers.  My servers are primarily setup with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.  Third party web hosted servers will vary.


Main Focus on Security and Permissions

From the early days of development, focus has always been centered around permissions and security of the data stored and user information.  


Permissions are assigned to member accounts and in many places two factor authentication is required.  Permissions are range from simple guests through 9 levels to administrators to website owner.


The projects and servers used will not collect or store personal information.  I found it not in the best interest of the projects I develop to store and maintain personal information on our members.  We do not store information like social security numbers, credit card numbers, or any other personal information.


Whenever private information is required (ie. shopping cart checkouts), the module may have inputs for credit card information.  This information will be passed to the third party for processing and never stored on the server.


Security Methods

  1. Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  2. Authenticated Member Accounts
  3. Two Factor Authentication


Modules and Customization

In 2015 development was moved to a module mode.  This permitted the easy integration of customizations and special projects.


Customized modules include; machinist calculators, group calendars, social media sharing, private IT and maintenance support request tracking, soccer schedules, user generated web pages, and many more.  Visit for for a few examples.


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